Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kim Hoeckele selects...

Beth Moon, Untitled, 2005, acrylic on fabric

Kimberly Witham, Luxe, 2007, digital collage

Both artists explore the relationship between animals and humans in their current work. They approach this complex subject with sensitivity, but it is their senses of humor that challenge the viewer to address human-animal interactions with seriousness. - Kim Hoeckele

Monday, April 28, 2008

Vivienne Griffin selects...

Stephanie Hough, Action Movie

Cian McConn, Awesome, 2008, poster and diamantes

Cian McConn and Sticky both have independent practices and have collaborated over the past six years. They use humor and absurdity in performance, video, photography and drawing. For their collaboration as Margaret and Jim, a dysfunctional married couple, they have built sets and have gone on numerous trips around Europe in character for their 24 hour tourist photo series. For the works above Sticky has put herself in the typical roll of an action movie star "attempting to revert popular cultural symbols…gender bending or switching the role of the protagonist in a genre which has generally depicted very machismo characteristics". Cian found this poster in a gun store in New York, the scene depicts a real life scenario and he has glued on diamantes to spell out the text AWESOME. - Vivienne Griffin

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Jenny Kendler selects...

Isak Applin, Archipelago Dawn, 2006, oil on canvas

Lee Lee Chan, Untitled, 2008, enamel and acrylic on aluminium

Both artists paint landscapes which hint at interior or fantasy spaces. Chan appropriates images from contemporary advertising which she deftly collages into her dreamspaces, while Applin draws on past experience to depict languid summer-worlds of harmony and possibility. Both artists may be noted for their unusual and skillful use of color, which serves to draw the viewer into an intimate and sensual experience with their work. - Jenny Kendler

Monday, April 14, 2008

Summer McCorkle selects...

Paul Clipson, I-94, 2007, DVD, paper

Liza McConnell, Drawing Projector: Colorado Front Range, 2003, vellum, fluorescent blubs, clip lights, extension cords, spring clamps, magnifying lenses

Both of these artists use elements of the projected image and raw materials to create illusions that challenge the viewer's perceptual space. - Summer McCorkle

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Amy Finkbeiner selects...

Jen Nelson, Forced Landscape (7), 2007, photo collage

Johanna Bystrom Sims, Farmland, 2005, ink on paper

Working in entirely different mediums, Johanna Bystrom Sims and Jen Nelson each transform experienced movement through real landscapes into intuitive organic worlds. - Amy Finkbeiner

Monday, April 7, 2008

Joy Drury Cox selects...

Kim Hoeckele, Big Star, 2003

Ronnie Wright, Brown Mountain Elementary School, Surry County, North Carolina from The Former Colored Only Schools of North Carolina F.C.O.S.N.C (2006-present)

"Both Kim Hoeckele and Ronnie Wright photograph the South as it continues to develop beyond and away from its agrarian roots. Their images point to a forgotten and overlooked history that sometimes manifests itself in the architecture of rural and suburban areas." -Joy Drury Cox