Thursday, January 31, 2008

Langdon Graves selects...

Sametime (Michael Lease & Brad Walker)

Austin Willis, 5-Day-Walk, video

For Sametime, Michael and Brad each take a photograph at exactly the same time, 7:15pm each day, and provide a caption for the photo.  Brad lives in Baltimore, MD and Michael lives in Richmond, VA.  Some days the serendipitous connection between the two photos is amazingly beautiful.  Other days are reminders of the 100+ miles between them.  Their year-long collection of photos is poetry.

Willis' piece is composed of 5 videos of him doing the exact same thing on five different days.  But they don't line up perfectly and after a while some of the videos fall out of sync, they don't even appear to be taken in the same place.  But like Michael and Brad's photos, when they do align and the timing is perfect, it's hard to believe you're watching separate events.

Overall, the connection between Austin's video and the Sametime project is their dependence upon time, place and chance. - Langdon Graves

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