Friday, January 11, 2008

The Rules of the Game

So I got to thinking about if there is any correlation between inspiration and the network of artists who we choose to associate ourselves with. Which got me thinking about networking, which then reminded me of that old Breck shampoo TV commercial where "she tell two friends, and so on and so on...". Hence the birth of this curatorial project.

The rules are pretty simple and are as follows:

1- The maximum number of artist is 100 for the first round of And So On..., in order to keep that number I have started a database of artists asked to partake. Before you decide to invite anyone, please email me the names.
2- Each artist selected recommends two works from two additional artists for the project, hence the idea of creating a network of artists.
3- When selecting artists for this project, pick images that work curatorial together whether by theme, medium or style. (You will be asked to write a one line description of why they work together).
4- Send digital files with all caption information, web address and contact info of your selected artists to my attention at

Finally, please feel free to copy and paste the rules when inviting the next group.

Look forward to seeing where this leads.

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